ROSEBUD Steak & Seafood – OSPREY, FL – 4/2020 C19 take out

ROSEBUD  –  2215 South Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229 – 941 918 8771

Update:   8/14/2020  – The dinning room is open for sit down dinners.  As of now, the bar is open with social distancing and no Happy Hour (no 2 for one) for now.  Will change back to Happy Hour when they get busier.

Update: Take out only due to C-19.  4/12/2020 -DELICIOUS !! Reg.. menu but for Easter Dinner they were offering additional items: Ham dinner or Rack of Lamb. Q’s had: Rack of Lamb, baked potato, Caesar salad, bread. Included: butter, sour cream, mint jelly. Portions were large enough for a 2nd meal.

Listen up seniors, snow birds, spring break people, year round residents – there is no reason to push in front or push others aside to get your favorite seat/table. There are many restaurants/bars you can go to enjoy a drink or dinner.  Yes, we know how important you think you are, but guess what?  Yes you are all in a hurry to get no where – remember seniors, you are retired.  So calm down and enjoy your visit but no need to be rude/pushy. It is not the end of the world if you don’t get your certain seat at the bar.

 Mrs. Q says:  Just when we think we tried it all at Rosebud!!
The Q’s knew they had Oyster’s Rockefeller but never thought to look at the menu to see if they have raw Oysters. THEY DO!  A good restaurant.  Rosebud offers daily: Early Bird Specials.  The Early Bird Menu is varied with Seafood, Steaks, and Specials of the Day and come with a Salad and Sides.  If you eat in the main dining room, ask for  Tom – a great server that we have known since we first started coming to Rosebud many years ago. But most of the wait staff is excellent and willing to please.  The Main Dining Room Menu is terrific, along with great service that can’t be beat. We enjoy just about anything on the menu. Prime Rib, Steaks, Liver, Salmon, Seafood and specials. The best LIVER AND ONIONS around and, if available, Frog Legs.

Mrs. Q says:  Never had a bad meal or never had bad service yet.  Do yourself a favor and go and enjoy!  If you go during “snowbird” season, be sure to make a reservation.  Reservations NOT accepted in the Lounge/Bar area.   They also have outstanding cocktail onions in their drinks. ENJOY, we always do. Closed on Monday.

A BIT of HISTORY: Mike Kodra, began his restaurant career in Chicago, 1965. He along with his two sons, Rick and Bill, founded Rosebuds in 1995 continuing the tradition of a true restaurant family.

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