CHINA VILLAGE 3/2020 – C-19 takeout

CHINA VILLAGE – 7254 55th Ave E. Bradenton, FL — 941-756-4859 – Open daily from 11 to 9 or 1o.  Closed on Monday, In the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center.  Due to C 19 ordered & picked up. They did not have everything on the menu(sweet/sour soup that day) but still was ok. Just trying to support our restaurants.

Q-Tips say:  Decent & reasonably priced food plus pleasant service.  Take out/ or eat in. China Village has good food and the best Won ton Soup and Pork Fried rice!

The owner can be a bit of a “drama queen”  but the food is good. She has retired and the new owners/workers are pleasant and happy. They remodeled the restaurant and it looks great.

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