VENICE ART & CRAFTS SHOW – Venice FL 1/25/2020

VENICE ART & CRAFT SHOW – Venice FL – When: Saturday and Sunday, Venice Avenue, between U.S. 41 Business and Harbor Drive

Q-Tips say: Go and enjoy! It is FREE Walked along enjoying the beautiful sunny, warm day eating our way thru the Show.  They moved the Craft Show to another street – crowded and busy. Near the end of the show they had various tastings: dips, olive oils, etc. Then, if time permits, stop at the Venice Jetty and see the dolphins – a fun day all around.

Off to visit our old “hood” we once lived and then find a restaurant that doesn’t have a “Sunday Buffet.”  Went past “Turtles” and saw our former condo and walked to Turtles Beach. Turtles Rest. had a “Sunday Brunch.” Then drove down the road to Ophelia’s but I was told they had a “Sunday Brunch” and just closed but will reopen for dinner at 5:00. Another favorite is “Miguel’s” but they don’t open till 5:00.  Off to Philippe Creek:).


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