BONEFISH GRILL – Skokie IL 10/2019

BONEFISH GRILL 9310 Skokie Blvd., Skokie, IL 60077 – (847) 674-4634…

Q-TIP SAY: We like Bonefish but the one in Florida better than the Skokie rest.  Great BANG BANG SHRIMP appetizer, good menu selections, good drinks and good service. Close to our dentist so it is tempting to go after a dental checkup.

Mrs. Q says: Interesting note: They now have a “Happy Hour.”  The new manager changed this: If you want the “Bar Bites” you must eat in the bar area and not in their bar booths. Not anymore. You can eat at the bar or at the table or booth..  We enjoyed the Happy Hour drinks and Bar Bites (Wygan Beef sliders).

In Chgo or Ill things are always changing. They now changed the “Happy Hour” rules.  It was that it was voted on that if you have “Happy Hour” in Chicago you have to offer it all day or not at all. This came about, I was told, because of “Cubs Fans”  like to “party hardy.”

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