Chgo CRIME TOUR 9/2016


Q-Tips say: Enjoyed it! Went with The Son and Daughter-in-law. 90 min. tour on an air conditioned comfortable bus. You do get off the bus to see “sights” up close and personal along with movie clips while the bus driving is going to the next destination. Ben, our guide was good plus he had a sense of humor. You read/hear about locations of some of history’s most interesting crimes, probably pass them everyday, but never stop to look & see.

Do you the true story of the Holy Name Cathedral “bullet holes?” You will know about them after this tour. Did you know that Victory Gardens Theater (where Capone was supposed to have been shot) still has the Biograph sign on the outside? See the tunnels and the original safe of the Capone era.

Mrs. Q says: Some things never change. First it was Capone and other gangs during prohibition, now we have gangs that involve drugs, etc – go figure. Yes, they do offer coupons/discounts on different internet sites.

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