C. Warnemunde, Germany – Day 2

Warnemunde (Berlin) Germany –   Decided on  “Discover Warmenunde.”  A bus and walking tour to Wismar, and tour the old town, brewery lunch, then off to Schwerein and tour the Castle Gardens. Those who took the “Berlin tour” were disappointed because it was a three hour bus ride there and back.


Q-tips say:  Good 3 hour tour. Cobble streets. Bus ride through the country side and then Schwerein and Castle Gardens. Established in 1323, Warnemunde has been a fisherman’s village since medieval days. A walking tour of this quaint, little village and visit the regional Heritage Musuem here.

Schwerin and its Fairy-tale Castle Schwerein Castle & Gardens.

 Image result for schwerin castle Image result for schwerin castle Image result for schwerin castle

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