Colletti’s Rest. 5/2018 :(

Colletti’s – 5707 N Central Ave., Chicago, IL 60646, (773) 775-5144,

Q-Tips say:  Met long time friends and had a marvelous time.  Food, drinks, service & free parking.  Everyone had a great time catching up.  Mr. Q tried the scallops, a special for the day, was not impressed.  Mrs. Q had the Veal Scallopini ala Colletti and the sauce was extremely salty, and there was way to much dressing on the Caesar Salad and they really screwed up her drink.  I asked for dirty ice, they said yes, we know what it is. They gave me Olive Juice over ice and contaminated my drink, an Old Fashion. Yes, they brought me another but mind you we gave them our “drink card,” which states how we like our drinks, and they still messed up. Mr. Q had to remind them about the cocktail onions for his drink. The place was not very busy,  hmm, perhaps others are not impressed with them anymore or was it the day/time we went.

This will be our last trip to Colletti’s.  We don’t mind paying a good money for a good meal and drinks, but this was not that. So many good restaurants that we can go to, but this one seems to have gone down hill.  Alas, we did enjoy our  visit with long time friends.

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