Via Veneto – 12/2018 update

Via Veneto – 6340 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL,  (773) 267- 0888

Q-tips say:  12/2018 – update:  The best part of the restaurant experience this time was the great time we had with long time friends. Now on to the meal experience: Bread and balsamic vinegar/olive oil dip was good – it was a good balsamic vinegar. The rest of the meal was less than stellar., shall we say below mediocre. Both couples ordered a Caesar Salad for each couple to share.  Mrs. Q says: this was the worst Caesar Salad the Q’s have ever had. Three of us ordered the “special” Veal Shank over pasta. There was “nothing special” about this entree. Looked like they cooked one Veal Shank for the three of us, and shredded one Shank over three pasta dishes.   Mrs. Q was hard pressed to find the Veal since it was mostly pasta.  It was not that good. The drinks were incorrectly made. The person who cleans up empty dishes hovered over like a helicopter looking for dishes to clean up.      The Q-tips say: No Mas,  Via Veneto.

Used to go to Via Veneto when it was located downtown Chicago. Now they are on Lincoln Ave. decided to use a coupon and see how it is. Average food, drinks, and service. Entrees: Veal Scallopini, and fresh fish. Both were average along with the shared salad and the warm fresh bread with olive oil/balsamic vinegar.  Went a little earlier than most people eat dinner, so it was not very crowded. They have a separate room with a TV, the other room has no TV.  Easy parking.  If you enjoy Italian food, give it a try or go to the many other Italian restaurants.