GRACE & FRANKIE – a Netflix show series 2020

GRACE and FRANKIE – For as long as they can recall, Grace and Frankie have been rivals. Their one-upmanship comes crashing to a halt, however, when they learn that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, the only thing they can really rely on is each other. This Netflix original re-teams Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (“9 to 5”) as Grace and Frankie, respectively, bringing their chemistry to the small screen. It’s a casting reunion on a grand scale, as Tomlin is reunited with her co-star from “The West Wing,” Martin Sheen, who plays Grace’s husband, Robert. And Fonda is back with Sam Waterston, her co-star from “The Newsroom,” who plays Frankie’s husband, Sol. The two couples are now divorced and the two men, who have officially come out, are now married to each other. Funny episodes of the women trying to adjust to their new lives and “Frankie” trying to make her mark in the consumer world.

Q-Tips say: If you have Netflix watch this series. Funny, very funny about people our age going through life problem with seasoned actors (or otherwise known as, old actors). Mrs. Q says: Watch it and see how wonderful an old goat like Jane Fonda looks Рthanks to the marvels of money and lots of plastic surgery. No, she does not look this way because of her exercise tapes.  Began again in 1/2020 Рsome funny, some goofy.

2020 Update: Some episodes are just plain stupid, not as good as it was at first.

Spoiler alert: The two ex husbands, who are now married to one another, are now back living with Grace & Frankie.

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