A- Cooking with Danielle 7/2020

Cooking with Danielle & Sous Chef, Sean –      http://www.CookingWithDanielle.com    

or on You Tube

We have had multiple requests to leave the party open into the weekend, people did not realize just how extensive the Pampered Chef catalogue is and they want more time to be able to look through everything. This being said we are going to leave the party open until Saturday July 18th at Midnight. Your orders will still count towards the chance to win the host rewards.

The best Italian is the kind you can make at home….potato gnocchi and ragu…

Danielle & Sean always take cooking classes whenever they travel on vacation & home & wineries since they were married. Italy, New Orleans, CA, etc.  Log on to the above site and get some of their delicious recipes.  Danielle says, “cooking is a hobby.” Yes, and it is one heck of a delicious hobby.

I have to mention that they also take Mixology Classes on making different drinks (ex. New Orleans – Sazerac, Daiquiri, Hurricane).

Their lucky  friends get to enjoy what they learned in Cooking and Mixology Classes when they invite them over for some fun & food/drinks.

Some of Danielle’s famous recipes:   Kraut Burgers –  Mrs. Q. says: they are sooooo delicious says . Pasta Fraiole, Jambalaya, Orzo, & Butternut Squash Casserole & more.

Mrs. Q says: Enjoy.  The Mr. & I always do. Now that we are under  C19 quarantine, this is a perfect time to enjoy Cooking with Danielle & Sous Chef & Director, Sean.

Anytime is a good time.

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