Peridia Golf & CC dining – C-19 takeout 4/2020

Peridia Golf & CC Dining – take out during C-19 –  4950 Peridia Boulevard East,  Bradenton, FL 34203   –  941-758-2582 –

Q-tips say:  We have dined here many times- sometimes it is really good and other times average.  Like other restaurants during C-19 closure we decided to support them & the staff by ordering out to take home.

1. First time we had the Bratwursts and they were good.

2. They had Fried Chicken on the menu one Fri. so we decided that would be a good choice for our dinner. Order time was from Noon till 6PM. We called at 2:00 for a pick up time of 4:30  and we were told they were out of the Fried Chicken and Pork Chops. They asked what else we would like to eat and our answer was, “nothing.”

Not sure why they advertised Fried Chicken & Pork Chops on the front page of the menu ad if they did not have an ample supply???  Oh well, life will go on.  So there goes that idea of supporting The Club & the staff.

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