BOSSES From HELL 8/2019

BOSSES From HELL –  Matthew Sartwell

READY.  AIM.   FIRED!    Mrs. Q says:  Loved this book.

Just about everyone has had a boss from hell. Control freaks, so fiendishly crazed, rude, crude,  inflexible that it is had to imagine anyone able to work with them.

A book of short stories, one or two page each about the bosses from hell.

Examples: Poor soul forced to produce an annual report while lying in a hospital bed. Car Salesman made to spend most of the day driving his boss’s mother around on shopping trips.

Receptionist who boss threatened her with a mafia hi.

The assistant who returned from vacation to find she’d been replaced by her boss’s mistress.

A man finally said ok to check on the house, pick up the mail, and feed the dog for his boss. The boss did pay him $100.00 to do this but she forgot to tell the man that the dog died and he was still in the garage. The man thought it was his fault for some reason.

You will love the company you find in this delightful book of workplace psychos.