1. 100 Questions/Answer about Anorexia Nervosa – Sari Fine Shepphird, PhD – Empower  Yourself! – If you wish to gain a better understanding of this condition, this book offers a complete guide to understanding the causes, warning signs, diagnosis and  practical suggestions on how to help as well as treatment.  This book covers the subject of Anorexia as a serious and complex psychiatric disorder (mental illness). It covers and explains terms that doctors use in down to earth lay-person language & also provides helpful information for families/friends/others to  support them.  The book covers such questions as: Do Anorexic have a low self esteem? Is there a unique relationship between anorexia and athletes? Are certain ethnic groups affected more than others? Do you know the difference between Bulimia and Anorexia?  Do you know what in the world is “Lanugo”?

2. ANOREXIA  – Daniel A. Leone, book editor. – This book is a little different in that it covers experiences of male/female anorexics. Also touches on some societal subjects, such as:  Society’s Obsession w thinness.  Should SOME Anorexics  have the right to refuse treatment? Insurance Companies need to provide coverage for Anorexics. Does society not take Anorexia as seriously as other diseases?

Mrs. Q says:  I liked the first book a bit better but both covered the illness with great detailed information in a different fashion.  Both books have a wonderful Resource Section of other Books, Associations, Web Sites, etc.

I know most of us have the opposite problem, too much weight. However, this is a serious illness and can lead to death if not properly treated.  So read and expand your knowledge of Anorexia.   It might save a life.  Anorexics literally are Dying to be Thin.

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