ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE & other Dementias 8/2014

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE & other Dementias by Natalie Rubinstein – A practical guide to caring for someone with Dementias.

Mrs. Q says: An outstanding book about caregiving, understanding Dementia, getting an Accurate Diagnosis, Medications, communicating with a person who has Dementia, dealing w/unwanted behaviors, safety (yours and others), the argumentative stage and the combative stage, etc. A must read for those who are living with someone with Dementia or Alzheimer.

Goes through each step: what type of Dr. to see, what to take and what type of tests might be given. How to get a patient to the appointment (many times the patient will refuse to see someone because they don’t feel they have a problem), how to handle a belligerent patient. What the care giver is in for during the long haul. How long the Dr. exam might take – many times it can take all day and you might not get a complete evaluation on the first visit. Medications, etc. Most important of all – there are many types of Dementias and neither Dementias nor Alzheimer’s disease ever gets better or goes away. As of this moment, there is no known cure for either.

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