BUZZED 6/2015

BUZZED – Straight facts bout the most used & abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstacy by Cynthis Kuhn-professor of pharmacology, Scott Swartzwelder-professor of psychiatry at Duke U school of Medicine, Wilkie Wilson-professor if prevention science at Duke U.

Mrs. Q says: So you think what you are taking is safe. Or perhaps you are loading up on vitamins, etc. and not sure how safe some if it is. Or if one glass of wine is good, then 5 glasses must be better or one cup of coffee is advisable so drinking it all day has to be better. Buzzed is an interesting and comprehensive, easily readable book about drugs from caffeine to heroin to methamphetamine. Covers such topics as “What is addiction, mental illness and drug addiction, etc.

Excuse me now, I’m off to drink my medicinal glass of wine, ok, maybe two. Mrs. Q.

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