Chicago Eternal 2018

Chicago Eternal – by Larry Broutman – A gorgeous full-color photographic tribute to over 250 of the monuments, fountains, memorials, and statues in Chicago’s parks and cemeteries, as well as those on the city’s streets and buildings.

The City of Big Shoulders, Chicago,  is alive with public sculpture. Its monuments, memorials, fountains, grave markers, and architectural adornments, both celebratory and poignant, speak to us from storefronts and bridges, from parks and cemeteries, in the language of stone and bronze.

Mrs. Q says: I did enjoy this book. Detailed and covered so many cemeteries in the Chicago area. The most fun part of this book is that there are 3D glasses in a pocket in the front to view the section in the back of many monuments in 3D. It is a little sad that with many people choosing cremation these days – there is no monument as a remembrance of these people. However, I take solace in the fact that loved ones can have your ashes nearby as comfort. However, reality is that few people actually go to cemeteries to honor their deceased relatives – most are too busy living to do that on a regular basis.