COIN OF INDECISION – How to make decisions using your intuition

COIN OF INDECISION by Sean Adams – How to make Decisions Using your Intuition.

There are so many self help books out there that talk a lot of theory but do not have a practical application for success. This book changes all of that. All you need is a coin to use the power of manifestation and intuition to ensure your major (and minor) life choices will be the ones that serve you best.

We all have inherent wisdom from sources that we can tap into, but we do not always know how to access that wisdom. Coin Of Indecision will introduce you to that wisdom and teach you how to use it to your advantage.

Mrs. Q says: I liked the COIN OF INDECISION & wonders just what is the “MYSTERY” that is talked about? Is it God, Faith, a Gut Feeling, or something else? Read the COIN of INDECISION and decide for yourself. Mrs. Q enjoyed the COIN and learned a few things, especially to – “be Ok with where you currently are in life” – but keep moving. The author is a wise Man for being so young. So, read the COIN and perhaps it might help you improve your “Decision Making Process”.

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