Drop Dead Healthy 6/2015

Drop Dead Healthy – A. J. Jacobs – One man’s humble quest for bodily perfection

Mrs. Q says: A good book done with lots of humor. Mrs. Q guarantees you will laugh out-loud while reading this book. Finally, a book about a MAN seeking bodily perfection instead of a woman.

Drop Dead Healthy covers all quests: The quest to eat right, the quiet quest, conquering germs, being smarter, perfect smile, more sleep, better sex, etc. You get the idea. Also covers every body part: stomach (and stomach revisited), heart, ears, butt, immune system, genitals, nervous system, intestines, adrenal gland, brain endocrine system, feet, lungs, skin, eyelids, bladder, gonads, nose hands back, eyes skull and las but not least exercise.

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