I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN by Jackie Hance with Janice Kaplan

Mrs. Q says: A powerful book about the day to day struggle of a couple who loses their three daughters in an auto accident caused by a relative, the girl’s aunt. We have all said at one time or another, “The worst thing that can happen is to have to bury your child”. How difficult it would be and I really cannot imagine it. In this case, that is what they had to do, all three of their daughters at one time. A wonderfully told true day to day story of how the couple struggled with their grief, recrimination, anger and thoughts of suicide and how they got thru day by day with the help of friends, neighbors, family, therapist and doctors.

Yes, it can be a sad and difficult book to read but worth every minute of your time. So put your feet up, get a Kleenex and a glass of wine and read I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN. I liked it.

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