Is our food safe? 1/2016

Is our food safe? by Warren Leon and Caroline DeWaal

Mrs. Q says: Interesting book and filled with facts about the consumer’s guide to protecting your health and the environment.

Some things you probably know and some you don’t – some things you should not do and you find you are doing and have never gotten ill. Go figure?

Some precautions when eating out:
One thing Mrs. Q learned was: Never order or eat RAW OYSTERS in a month that does not have an “R” in it, which is understandably summer months. Because of the high content of nitrogen coming from farmer’s land that flow into the waterways making its way down to the Gulf of Mexico, bring more pollutants to the waterways.

Recently Mr. Q had a bout of “food poisoning” from Outback Rest. in Sarasota FL. Was sick for an entire week from all ends. Went to the Dr. and went on antibiotics. Dr. said he would have never gotten better without bringing in the stool sample to find out what it was. Needless to say, Mrs. Q called the restaurant and told them and they reassured me that they always check the quality of food and sent two gift certificates which, of course, we gave away because Mr. Q will never go there again. Mr. Q thinks it was from the cheese cake he had for dessert.

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