MISTAKES WERE MADE (but not by me) 2013

MISTAKES WERE MADE (but not by me) by California Psychologists – Carol Tavris & Elliott Aronson

Mrs. Q says: An excellent read about why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions and hurtful acts. Mistakes Were Made supplies some intriguing and useful insights why some politicians can’t apologize, a torturer feels no guilt, co-workers who say anything to win an argument and we wonder why such people can sleep at night. In reading “Mistakes” we recognize behavior of our leaders, loved ones, and, if honest, ourselves and our therapists.

The author of The Dance of Anger, suggest this book should be a necessary read for all psychotherapists. It explains not only why many clients cannot break out of the the self-justification that keep them stuck, but how therapists can learn to discover and correct errors in their own practice & attitudes. Mrs. Q applauds this thinking.

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