Saving CIVILITY 7/2016

SAVING CIVILITY 52 ways to Tame Rude, Crude & Attitude for a POLITE PLANET by Sara Hacala

Mrs. Q says: I liked it! Cover Cyberbullyng, hostile and polarizing political infighting and tasteless and tactless behave seems to be on the rise, but doesn’t need to be this way. Is the reason we are charitable because we can’t help it?

A grandmother was happy that her grandson came to a funeral service to pay respect to a family member who died. However he showed up with his pants below his buttocks and flip-flops. What about when the Northwestern U. Girls’ 2005 Championship Lacrosse Team was invited to the Rose Garden by President Bush, they wore flip-flops.
A man waiting in the check out lane asked the women in front of him to go ahead of her because his oxygen tank was almost empty and needed to get home – he had one item, a bag of cat litter. Her Response: “Go to the end of the line old man like everyone else.” Someone else stepped up, helped him and later found out he was a veteran – need I say more?

Mrs. Q says: Make our world a better place by beginning with a simple “Smile” when seeing others – then continue from there. Respect the boundaries of others, Listen, Listen, watch your tone. Cultivate optimism, embrace kindness, practice kindness, dress to fit the occasion, travel and consider your fellow travelers. Young parents need to show by example or by teaching younger children how to act and behave with others respectfully. In other words, “Just be nice”

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.
Abraham Lincoln

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