Secrets & MYSTERIES of the WORLD – by Sylvia Browne

Want to know the perspective of a best selling author and world-famous psychic medium sees about some of the Mysteries of the World? This might be the book for you to read. Sylvia visited the places herself using her psychic abilities first and then gone to see if she could prove what she telepathically picked up using research, statistics, eyewitness accounts and sometimes common sense.

Read Secrets and Mysteries of the World and see if you agree with Sylvia Browne.

Mrs. Q says: Great book and insights of some of the things you might have wondered about in life. Ever wonder about Mysterious Places? (Stonehenge, Bermuda Triangle, Lost Continent). Strange Creatures? (Fairies, witches & werewolves, vampires extraterrestrials. )How about your Children’s invisible friends? Unexplained objects? (Crystal Skulls, The Pyramids, Crop Circle). How about Mystic Phenomena? (Spontaneous human combustion, Auras, Astrology and Shamans, Alien abductions). Christian Controversies? (Stigmata, The Holy Spirit, Lost years of Jesus, Did Jesus really die, Shroud of Turin, The Devil, Mythology of Popular Holidays). Think you know about these things? Read this book and see how you feel about what you thought you knew.

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