The Narcissism Epidemic 7/2016

The Narcissism EpidemicLiving in the Age of Entitlement – Jean Twenge, Ph.D

Mrs. Q says: Liked it! Americans love to love themselves. A narcissist is full of themselves, has a big head, a blowhard who loves the sound of their own voice. or a legend in their own mind. They have an over inflated view of their own abilities. They are not just confident just overconfident. Narcissists admire themselves too much. Because they don’t value warm or caring relationships, they can do all this with little concern for other, often manipulating and exploiting others. When this works, they feel a rush of esteem and pride: when it fails they react with blame, anger, and sometimes rage.

This book opens a window to understanding narcissism and how it affects our culture and offers a prescription to combat the widespread problems caused by it. Do you feel you need botox, plastic surgery to make you look younger, new mamas who see the movie stars with a flat stomach after 3 week of delivering a baby go in for a tummy fix or after nursing go for a breast lift, or the grand kids think because the neighbors have it they must also have it. Think about this, our own mamas, grandmas, never even thought of such things or OMG now our teeth much be whiter than white but with our age of entitlement men/women think they need these things and some even go into debt to feel good about themselves. It goes on and on.

Go read it and learn a lot, except if you are a narcissist, and you might know who you are, then you feel you know it all.

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