THINGS THAT MATTER – by Charles Krauthammer 7/2014

THINGS THAT MATTER – by Charles Krauthammer-Dr. Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist, political commentaor and physician. As for his doctoring, he retired but still board-certified psychiatrist, as he says, a psychiatrist in remission. He also has a wicked dry sense of humor. Can be very funny, and and has impressive resume.

Mrs. Q says: Enjoyed it! Mrs. Q tried to get the book, “Things that Matter”, in Fl. and was on a very long waiting list. In Chicago, received notice that it was in within days-Hmmmm! Dr. K is one of the country’s leading conservative, but highly independent mind whose writes his views on various topics. Feminism, evolution, the death penalty. essays on bioethics, Jewish destiny and America’s role as the world’s superpower. The book offers, often times, his humorous thoughts on border collies, Halley’s Comet, Woody Allen and Churchill and Chess. Conservative or not – read it, you will enjoy it!

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