Ah Wilderness – Goodman Theater Chgo 6/2017

Ah Wilderness – Goodman Theater, Chgo. 170 N Dearborn St., (312) 443-3800,  goodmantheatre.org

On July 4, fireworks aren’t the only flames burning for 16-year-old Richard Miller—whose passion for poetry is rivaled only by affection for Muriel, the girl of his dreams. When her father forbids the young couple from dating, Richard embarks on an evening of unexpected rebellion.

Q-tips say: Liked it.   Mrs. Q says: The play is set in 1906 and deals with American life at the turn of the 20th century a time that playwright O’Neill, having been born in 1888. Wrote the play in 1930’s, so it was a period piece even at that time.  Two generations are represented – parents and children.  The central character in the play, Richard, is a teenager. Do you think that you would look  at the play differently now than you might have a few decades ago? Of course, I would.

I know I do think about those younger times and yes, the problems seemed so important, but I survived and here I am.  Bet most of us would say the same.