HAMILTON – 9/2017

HAMILTON – Hamilton: An American Musical is a sung- and rapped-through musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Q-tips say: Way OVERPRICED (Don’t care if you got discounted tickets, it is still overpriced) & OVER-RATED. 

Mrs. Q says: See it if you must.  If you like rap and hip-hop, this is the musical play for you. The “man bun” contingent in the audience must of thought is was great with all the “Yahoo’s and yelling after each segment” even when someone just steps on stage before he said  or did anything.  It is very loud, and many times you cannot understand what they are saying(singing, rapping, screaming, etc.)   However, Mrs. Q DID like what they did with the stage and stage lighting. The best part of the evening is going to “Shaw’s Crab house” for dinner.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the playwright and lyricist, is laughing all  the way to the bank with wheelbarrows of money.  If there is Part II of another play like this, count me out! Spamilton??? No, Thank you.