MOBY DICK – Lookinglass Theater Chicago 6/2017

MOBY DICK – you probably know the story so I won’t go into details.

Q-Tips say:  As well as the cast- one can see how hard they worked together.  This production went aerial for Moby Dick. Yes there were several very good aerialist, but one man from Chicago and a circus performer, was outstanding. While I find it always difficult to say “don’t see it,” but it was an odd type of production for us. Even there was a HS group there and some of them went to sleep during some scenes.

Waited to see how they were going to portray Moby Dick and it finally came. No special effects and alarm went off and several of the cast came from back of the audience with a white sheet and ran to the front portraying the tale of Moby Dick.  Perhaps, you should see it and make up your own mind.