OUR TOWN – Redtwist Theater – Edgewater, Chicago

OUR TOWN – Redtwist theater – a very small theater, seats approx. 30.   Our small town must deal with social issues, such as addiction, choices in life and a lot of why’s and who’s. In this production, Fleming has opted to cast females in what would be classic male roles and vice-versa. Besides the gender-bending casting, there are also many racially mixed roles. As long as you know up-front that there are differences, the beauty of the play is not affected by this nuance.

The story is told by a Narrator who is called The Stage Manager .  From time to time, he becomes other characters that inhabit the Town of Grovers Corners. Each of the main families is introduced to us and in this tiny little “black box” theater, the actors are in our reach for all three acts. Oh, yes, they are presenting the show in three segments dealing with a sort of “birth”, “marriage” and “death”- there are two intermissions of 10 minutes each and a total running time of 2 hours 20 minutes.

The story is about youth, finding love and also deals with death.  Fleming has also opted to not use period costuming in order to allow the story to be of greater importance than “stuff”.

Q-tips say:  Went with friends and we all enjoyed it.  They make the audience feel that you are part of their little town. During two intermissions, they offer tea to the audience and after the wedding, they offer wedding cake.