Rembrandt – Steppenwolf Theater 9/2017

REMBRANDT – Steppenwolf Theater  – 1650 N Halsted St., Chicago,  (312) 335-1650,

When a museum guard decides to touch a famous Rembrandt painting, a remarkable journey across the ages ensues. Spanning centuries of human experience, Jessica Dickey’s The Rembrandt movingly explores the power of creative expression and the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of love and beauty, reminding us that though our beliefs may die with the sound of our voice, it’s the love we share—and the art that love inspires—that finds eternity.

Q tips say: Enjoyed it but nothing stellar.  Well done and a bit of humor interjected. Definitely for the mature crowd – little ones and teens probably won’t enjoy it.  Mrs. Q says: Yes, you even enjoy a visit from “Rembrandt” himself.  Yes, Kelsey Grammar was in this production and one would not recognize him on the street but you know him by his distinctive voice.  Enjoyed it.  It is in Steppenwolf Theater.  It is on the 3rd floor but they do have elevators. It is only an hour and a half long without interruptions.

Mrs. Q says:  Go ahead and touch the painting 🙂