Klairmont Kollections 8/2019

Klairmont Kollections –  3117 N Knox,  Chicago,  (773) 685-1904,     klairmontkollections.com

The Klairmont Kollections is an awesome private car collection of museum quality housed in a 100,000 square foot building that is adorned from floor to ceiling with vintage and neon signage and other eclectic collectibles. The prized collection has over 300 award winning and unique automobiles from 1909 to present day.  There are also collections of Vespas, slot machines, clocks, watches, neon signs, auto posters, gas pumps and all things auto related. It is well organized by types of autos and there are chairs throughout the building in case you need to rest for a few minutes. I n the back on the first floor there is a room with dozens of clocks, another room with hundreds of watches and then a third room with some memorabilia about the arm forces and a looping 11 minute video talking about Mr. Klairmont and how he got into the business of collecting cars.  Mrs. Q says: If you are in the area, see it and enjoy.  You don’t need to be an antique car fan to enjoy.

On the second floor there are some model trains that are overhead and also in a diorama.

Photo of Klairmont Kollections - Chicago, IL, United States