Lincoln Park GREEK Fest 6/2019

Lincoln Park GREEK Fest – Sheffield & Diversey, Chicago from 5/3/ to 6/2/19

Q-tips say: Was ok – nice day for walking around.  Live music on Sat. & Sun. We took public transportation.  Yes, they ask for a $5.00 donation to enter but accept any amount.

Otherwise: Extremely VERY LOUD MUSIC over the speakers 🙁  Can’t even carry on a decent conversation – turn it down a notch. EYXAPIETO! (means Thank you!)

Greek food/hand made items/vendors selling olive oil & Kalamata olives, etc.  Had several places for testing your strength.  Hanger from your hands from a bar for 100 second- not as easy as one might think. Can’t use gloves, etc. That was $10.00 for that ticket but if you were successful, you won $100.00.

For Mr. Q it is about the food – food was ok but a tad overpriced – $8.00 for a beer.  $10 for a  Gyros plate, which we shared. Yes, they have a bounce house and a bounce house w/ slide for the little one. If you are bringing little ones, please bring ear plugs for them, since you don’t want them to loose their hearing because you came here.