Money Museum – Chicago 9/2019

The Money Museum –  230 S LaSalle St., Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. (312) 322-2400     Closed on the weekend.  Be prepared to show ID (18+ only) and have your bags go through x ray machine and each person go through airport style metal detector.    At 1:00 they have a speaker who tells a little of the museum & etc. 

Q-tips say: It is all about money! Learn about our federal reserve and money. Good for kids over 5 or 6 because they have a “kids treasure hunt”  and have many interactive exhibits.  They can put their face on a $100. bill, test your skill on identifying counterfeit currency, see a cash vault window, etc.

Mrs. Q suggested, with a smile,  “that since the museum is about money, they should have pay toilets.”

Then we were off to “Italian Village” restaurant for an early dinner.