Civil War Museum – Kenosha Wisc.

Civil War Museum – 5400 1st Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140,(262) 653-4141,

Q-Tips say: We liked it. It not only covers the Civil War in great detail but other wars as well. Along as how they medically treated people at that time, etc. A “special” Veterans Memorial Gallery honors veterans of all wars. We especially enjoyed this exhibit. A wonderfully done exhibit with life size soldiers showing a common sense of duty, patriotism and honor, no matter where or when they serve or have served our nation to preserve our freedom including the Nurses.

Mrs. Q says: Did you know not until WW II did tobacco products enter the scene of our soldiers? The final exhibit is empty portraying “what might be the next war” they will have to exhibit. A little eerie, unsettling for Mrs. Q.

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