HOB NOB Supper Club – Rest. Racine Wisc. 10/2016

HOB NOB Supper Club – 277 Sheridan Rd., Racine, WI., (262) 552-8008, thehobnob.com

Q-Tips say: Yes, go and enjoy. Right on Lake Michigan, a full bar with friendly bartenders, good food, good friendly service, drinks, what’s not to like? Our long time friends suggested going here for dinner. For us it was an hour & a half drive so we decided to go see a few of the Museums and then go to Hob Nob. Was written up in the Chicago Tribune as one of the better Supper Clubs in Wisc. We did enjoy! Mrs. Q got a special treat from the “bar tender” when she mentioned she never tried a certain “bourbon.”
Supposedly the thing to drink for some of the “millennials” is “bourbon.”
Yes, the taster was smooth, delicious and a treat from the bartender. Thank you.

Yes, I did have to have an Old Fashion because that is a drink that Wisc. is famous for and supposedly originated here. Was delicious.

Everyone had something different. Entrees come with soup, salad and choice of potato. Mrs. Q had the Wiener Schnitzel – breaded veal, with lemon or a là holstein. Was delicious and such Hugh portions along with French Onion Soup/or Chicken Noodle and a salad plus the Q’s shared a Creme Brulee dessert and coffee. The other entree we had were Duckling – roasted brown and crispy served with orange sauce. Our friends chose: Tournedos of Tenderloin – topped with mushroom caps and Bearnaise sauce and a pasta dish of stuffed Manicotti.

Mrs. Q can’t forget to mention the ambiance.
Exactly what you would expect from a Supper Club. The hostess said over half of their customers come from Ill. Not surprised because Ill people know good food, drinks and nice ambiance when they see it. They do get busy over the weekend, so be sure to make a reservation. Spend the day seeing the sights and then go to Hob Nob.

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