LAKE LORRAINE – Whitewater Wisc. 6/2014

We bought it in around 1982. Enjoyed it until soccer and tennis came along w/ travel teams and our weekends were busy with games. We owned a motor boat and went on the lake w/ an inner tube and pulled Sean/Shelly around. We heard faster, faster, faster until the rope broke and we had to go back and get you. Grandma Rose and Grandpa Walter would go there on weekends or a week for vacation. They always seemed to enjoy it because Grandpa loved to fish and Grandma liked it sometimes also along with gong out to eat. Shelly usually did not want to fish but she would take the plastic fish hook release dip it in the water and kept saying “Bless the fish”, “Bless the fish”.

Sometimes we would BBQ and many times would go to a movie and then out to eat at Randy’s Supper Club. (surprise! – somethings never change)

Some of the same people are still there. Did not see the “weed cutter” but I’m sure it is there somewhere. The Lake on the lower side recently flooded the homes that had a lower lever got water. A few of the cottages were torn down to build larger ones that now appear to have children there. Other than that, not much has changes over 20 years.

See the Q’s review of Randy’s Supper Club – under Wisc.

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