RANDY’S SUPPER CLURB 841 E. Milwaukee St., Whitewater, WI 53190 262-473-8000 Www.funhunters.net

Q-Tips say: Go and enjoy! We did Mrs. Mr. Q enjoyed the Slow Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich – BBQ Fans rejoice! Premium Pork, Delicately smoked in our kitchen with hardwood coals slathered in our homemade oatmeal stout BBQ sauce (Randy’s BBQ sauce is the absolute best) served on a freshly baked French Roll with our homemade pub chips. He said the best he has had. Mrs Q enjoyed the Blackened Salmon Sandwich – A petite salmon filet grilled with our blackened seasoning or grilled ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato and a side of cucumber dill sauce. (Randy’s pickles that are served with the sandwiches are awesome – they taste like they are homemade:)


Yes, Randy’s is still there along with the original owner, Randy Cruse. The Q’s stopped by and the owner was there. Randy Cruse told hold us what happened to Randy’s Supper Club since we last visited during the 1982 when the Q’s owned a summer cottage nearby.

The original Randy’s burned down due to —-an ARSON FIRE. His partner was the culprit. It became a Federal case and Frank Willey and Michael Forbes, who poured the gasoline, and John Piscopo were found guilty. The Whitewater Police followed the trail and some of it lead them to Florida where Willey was up to some unsavory things there like a stash of guns, etc. Followed the trail back to Whitewater Wisc. and found that Willey got some of his gun stash from the Whitewater Police Dept. Some of the Police were also indited. Willey only spent 42 months in prison and had to pay 1 million in restitution for fire damage. $932,234.19 to the Ins. Co. that covered Randy’s Supper Club and $90,277.43 to Randy Cruse. Mrs. Q says: Wow! What a story coming from a sleepy little town in Whitewater Wisc. Randy and his wife decided to rebuild and remodel- looks good and so was the food*:) The Q’s are happy they chose to remodel.

We are now proud owners of an autographed business card signed by Randy and two souvenir napkins not to mention a photo of Randy himself.

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