I – Cienfuegos – Day 7


Cuban woman ironing – notice she does it with an iron with hot coals

Cienfuegos – Our day began with a tour to the city known as, “The Pearl of the South,” founded in 1819.  This is the heart of the country’ sugar can, mango, tobacco and coffee production.   Stopped at the Graphic Society of Cienfuegos and met local artists and viewed their prints – the society is known for its programs for children with special needs. Our tour continued at Project Trazo Libres: artist Santiago Hermes Martinez converted his family home into an art collective in 2009 to support local artists and collaborate with them.  We viewed unique handicrafts, murals, photographs and traditional costumes.

Then enjoyed a panoramic view of Cienfuegos and Teatro Thomas Terry.  Built between 1887 and 1889  to honor Venezuelan industrialist Tomas Terry.  The 950 seat opera house and theater is decorated with Carrara marble and hand carved Cuban hardwoods.

NOTE: They will charge you to take photos inside this opera house so be sure that you really want that photo.

Afternoon: A documentary about Cuba.

Evening: Make your own cocktail.  Mrs. Q says, ”No thank you, I prefer they make my cocktail.”

After dinner: another performance by the Cuban dancers and you can join them and dance along. We did dance along.