C – Montego Bay Jamaica – Day 1

Montego Bay, Jamaica – – Stayed at “El Greco” resort – it is a dump. Not that we expected it to be classy and upscale since we were there for sleeping overnight for one night. There are no elevators, so keep this in mind when they tell you where your room is.  They tend to want to put people on the third floor. If you have health issues or need to use a walker, cane, etc. demand a first or second floor coser to the office. The other side has no view and is noisy from street traffic.

Wonder why we could not fly out a day later and just board the ship? Perhaps it was our fault for not asking.  Oh well, that is what can happen when you follow along like lemmings.

The transfer ride from the hotel to board the ship did arrive on time.  The ride to the ship was a real eye-opener.  Vendors all over running in and out on the street trying to sell things to the drivers. Soft drinks, washing your front car windows, etc.  All trying to make some money.