Beautiful Boy 1/4/2019

 Beautiful Boy – streaming for one day only on streaming Amazon and then w/be released in movie theaters.

Steve Carell constantly looked from them to Nic, Nic to them; Nic was once that innocent child; will these innocent children become Nic? Wrenching worrying in every aspect for Carell’s character as well as Tierney’s. Then Nic’s mother has such a different perspective. Carell and Tierney have two other children to save from the wrenching experience, but all she has is Nic. Additionally, I love that the movie depicts Nic’s struggle with his addiction as not a result of PTSD or mental illness, which is so common and not to be dismissed, but anyone who has worked in the American criminal justice system or the American healthcare system knows that there are those out there on the fringe of mental illness, who crave adrenaline, excitement, more, who get bored so easily and crave a constant ramped-up experience, and drugs provide that. I understand that if that was the reality, that’s of course how you present it, but honestly, there are times when movies are made from fictional or nonfictional books which do not stay true to the reality.  People like Nic who have highly addictive personalities need a constructive outlet for their need for excitement and exhilaration, along with support, therapy and anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication.

Q-tips say:  Liked it!  Great movie.  Thank goodness we have not had to experience anything like this, as parents.  Mrs. Q says: Well done, writers, directors and producers, and most importantly, cast.   I will say that the movie does portray him quite healthy in spite of protracted meth abuse and that the movie doesn’t depict the true length of his addiction. It also leaves out  prostitution for drugs. In that regard it does leave the impression that it’s easier to get over drug addiction than it is. But this movie is still well worth the watch, if for no other reason, but to help parents get real when it comes to dealing with their kids.   I was not sure this movie would end the way it did.