LOVE & MERCY – 6/2015

LOVE & MERCY – In the late 1960s, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson (Paul Dano) stops touring, produces “Pet Sounds” and begins to lose his sanity. By the 1980s, Wilson (John Cusack), under the sway of a controlling therapist, finds a savior in Melinda Ledbetter. Cast: Paul Dano as Brian Wilson, Elizabeth Banks as Melinda, Brett Davern as Carl Wilson, Graham Rogers as Al Jardine, John Cusack as Brian Wilson, Paul Giamatti as Eugene Landy

Q-Tips say: We enjoyed it. Never heard this side of their story. Great acting by John Cusak, Paul Giamatti and the cast. This is not a movie where you go to hear all their famous hit songs. This is a sad story of Brian Wilson who seems to be losing his sanity with the help of his Dr.
Mrs. Q says: Probably could wait and see it as a rental and still enjoy it.

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