OBAMA’S AMERICA – 2016  –  Gerald R. Molen, Dinesh D’Souza

2016 Obama’s America takes audiences on a visual journey into the heart of the world’s most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man’s past will redefine America over the next four years. The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?” Across the globe and in America, people in 2008 hungered for a leader who would unite and lift us from economic turmoil and war. True to America’s ideals, they invested their hope in a new kind of president, Barack Obama. What they didn’t know is that Obama is a man with a past, and in powerful ways that past defines him–who he is, how he thinks, and where he intends to take America and the world. Love him or hate him, do you know him?

Q-Tips say:  Yes, a must see for all thinking Americans, which includes the younger generations. Do you think you know Obama? Interesting that the movie critics do not like this movie as much as the paying public does. This documentary was well written and full of vital, important information that has been ignored by mainstream media thus far.  Mrs. Q says:  What happened to Obama’s Hope and Change?  Do you like his policies? She liked the fact that the director Dinesh D’Souza went forward to point out his view, from the facts that he has, to say what he thinks will happen if Obama gets another four years in the White House.

Mrs. Q says:  A movie everyone should see regardless of ideology.  Yes, Obama’s past does define who he is, as does our past define us. See OBAMA – 2016 and decide for yourself whether he gets your vote for another four years in the White House. Perhaps, OBAMA – 2016 will help you decide.

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