Napoleon House

Napoleon House – 500 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA – Remaining true to itself, the deeply painted walls, uneven floors, luminous photography, and a sea of quotes from famous to regular guests covering the walls between the weathered paintings, speak to the many decades of dedicated service and one of the world’s greatest bars.  

Mrs. Q says: Loved this place. We went twice. Once for an afternoon snack. GREAT CRISPY BREAD!

The best server: Jordan A. He showed Mrs. Q some antiques in the cabinet. Awesome.

Drinks & Munchies: 2 beers, Planter’s punch, Tap NOLA bld. & 1 Cheese Board to share.     Second visit: Good service from Bruce B.     Jordan A. did find his way to our table to say “Hi.”

Drinks & Food: Englishman’s Pimm, Pimms Cup, GL Torresella, Small Caesar, Rueben, Turkey Club, a side of potato salad.

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