Angry Crab 8/2016

Angry Crab 5665 N Lincoln Ave., (773) 784-6848,

Q-Tips say: WHAT A PLACE! Extremely casual, they don’t take reservations, and they have no parking lot, street parking only BUT it is BYOB and they bring you bibs, water and an ice bucket if you so desire and no napkins, rolls of paper towels. Now you get the idea. A great seafood restaurant with seafood sold by the pound. They serve it in a plastic bag and give you a plastic fork. You get a choice of what sauce you want it cook in, like garlic butter, or lemon flavored, different levels of spicy sauces. We chose a pound of clams and a pound of mussels in the garlic sauce, of course. Our friends had headless shrimp, yes, you can also have the shrimp with the heads on. There is no salad or green veggies on the menu. The only sides are a potato, corn on the cob, and bread.

Did we enjoy? You betcha! We will go again and wear something you don’t mind getting soiled. So if you don’t enjoy seafood, don’t come here.

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