Between Peruvian Cafe & Lounge – 1324 N Milwaukee Ave, (BETWEEN (hence the name) – Paulina St & Hermitage Ave), Chicago, IL 60622, (773) 292-0585,

Q-Tips say: We used our Groupon and enjoyed the food. service & ambiance. Definitely a nice change from burgers & steak. Some of our Senior friends probably would not appreciate this food as much as our adult California children would. The decor is very different with tradtional tables and non traditional booths and a bar area.

The Special Groupon Menu included menu A and B. Each chose one: Our meals included:
Antocucho De Corazo: grilled skewers of veal heart marinated in aji panca,
peruvian corn, rocoto sauce.
Quinoa Chicken Salad: mixed greens, quinoa breaded chicken breast, tomato, palm, aji amarillo, house balsamic.

Ceviche Classico: best ceviche in Chicago. ever. classic “leche de tigre”, cilantro, red onion, glazed sweet potato, andean corn.
Lomo Saltado: Peruvian stir-fry chicken, tomato, onion, soy and hand-cut fries. steamed white rice.

Our shared dessert was: Chocolate Lucuma: chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled caramel sauce. Plus free: two glasses of Sangria.

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