DEL FRISCO's double Eagle Steakhouse – Chgo 7/2016

Del Frisco’s double Eagle Steakhouse – 58 E Oak St., Gold Coast., (312) 888-2499,

Q-Tips say: OMG! Outstanding food, drinks, service, ambiance and a wonderful
evening with a special friend who kept saying, “Hey, I won the Lottery! Not the really big Lottery but enough to treat us to dinner with some of his winnings. How Nice! It is set in the the old Esquire Theater approximately five stories high with incredible chandeliers and an escalator to the restaurant.

The food was fantastic from start to finish – starting with the Tuna Tartare. We shared the Tuna, the sides which included decadent mashed potatoes, a side of macaroni and lobster, a side of shaved brussel sprouts with bacon and more, Wedge Salad, and of course, Steak. Along with several decadent drinks & champagne.

After our wonderful dinner, went to Maple & Ash and topped the evening off with an after dinner drink. Yes, do go to Del Frisco’s double Eagle Steakhouse especially for a “special occasion.”

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