Fireplace Inn – 8/2017

Fireplace Inn – 1448 N Wells St., Chicago, IL -(312) 664-5264

Q-Tips say: Came here on a recommendation from a woman who worked at the Chicago History Museum.  It is in the “old town” area and busy.  Many other restaurants/bars were packed and playing loud music. We and our friends wanted to talk and carry on a conversation so opted for a quieter restaurant.  The men had pork chops and said they really enjoyed it. One woman had chicken and Mrs. Q had the French Onion Soup and the mini Shrimp Po’Boys 13 Gulf shrimp prepared deep-fried or seasoned & grilled, served on mini buns with mayo & spicy creole mustard, dressed with lettuce & tomato. The women did enjoy their meals.

Then, did something the Q’s rarely do, ordered dessert. The Q’s and the other woman ordered “fried Twinkies” one covered in cinnamon and the other in powdered sugar.  The other two liked their Twinkies in powdered sugar.  Mrs. Q says: Now I can say “I had a fried twinkle” but will not have another one. The other gentleman had Carrot Cake. Mrs. Q had a taste and it was delicious.