Gino's East Chicago 5/2015

GINO’S EAST – 162 E Superior St., Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 266-3337,

Q-Tips say: The Q’s met with “The Son and his Lady Friend” while they were in from California touring Chicago. You want deep dish? This is a good place for deep dish, ambiance, drinks and the service is ok. The Q’s are really thin crust pizza lovers but we did enjoy this deep dish pizza.

Mrs. Q says: It is a 45 min wait for the deep dish pizza to come to the table so we ordered our drinks and an antipasto to share which took the edge off the growling of our stomach hunger. Our dining partners enjoyed the ambiance and the pizza. Checked that off their list of things to see/do in Chicago.

The Gino’s East story began in 1966 when two taxi drivers and a friend, frustrated with rush hour traffic, decided to open a pizzeria just off Michigan Ave. and Superior St. in Chicago. The Original Gino’s East became an instant legend with local Chicagoans, national celebrities and visitors from around the world.

Our famous deep-dish pizza tastes the same as it did back then. Each pizza is made by hand and features its own unique look. Each legendary pizza is created with a secret, golden crust, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, and loaded with your choice of fresh ingredients. Once baked to perfection these enormous pies are brought to your table in our well-seasoned pans.

If your tastebuds aren’t craving our famous deep dish or thin crust pizzas, Gino’s East offers a delicious alternative. A full menu featuring our homemade appetizers, pastas made with rich and tasty marinara sauce, salads filled with an abundance of fresh vegetables and sandwiches to fill any sized appetite.

In a city known as the “Pizza Capital of the World”, The Original Gino’s East is still the number one pizza restaurant where customers from near and far return year after year to scribble their names into the wood and stucco walls of our flagship restaurants in downtown Chicago.

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