HARRY CARY'S 7th Inning Stretch Rest. in Water Tower Place 9/2014

HARRY CARY’S 7th Inning Stretch Rest. in Water Tower Place – Water tower – 835 N Michigan Ave., 7th Fl., Chicago, IL 60607

Q-Tips say: Good food, nice drink/food menus, service and ambiance. If you are looking for a steakhouse this is not your place. The Q’s had a cup of soup, and shared a sandwich, the Short Rib -Italian beef sandwich which came w/ a small side of Fries or salad, along with a soft drink made for a great late lunch. A tad too early for the Q to have an alcoholic drink but they do have a full bar and if you order a 20 oz. of Harry’s favorite beer it comes with a complimentary souvenir beer glass. Holy Cow! Yes, there really is a replica of a cow with holes in it. It is full of sport memorabilia, TV screens, it is a sport bar after all, and music. There were quite a few mall people and elders in for a late lunch. Then we walked to the Sports Store to look around and get our FREE tickets to the Sport Museum. Nice deal and a great place to visit for any hungry Chicago Sport fan.

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