INCOME TAX wine bar & drinks/Eats 6/2017

INCOME TAX Bar – 5959 N Broadway, Chicago, IL – Edgewater, (773) 897-9165,

Q-Tips say:  Went again and this time we were not has pleased. I wanted the “Duck” but now it is under “salads.” It is now chicken with “Duck Sauce.” Was not happy with the bait and change.  Mr. Q said overpriced and over-rated.

Previous visit: Tired of the same old pizza, burgers, etc.?  This is a wonderful change from the same old same old. Yes, try it. Income Tax is a welcome addition to the Edgewater restaurants. Nice ambiance, good food, drinks and special small plates. Very different than most restaurants since their menu has choices from different countries along with appropriate wine selections.  The servers are happy to help you with your wine choice/cocktail and food menu.(Our server, Jamie was knowledgeable about the menu and funny).

The Q’s shared an appetizer: Strangolapreti  – fried spinach dumplings, Riccotta, brown butter. Mrs. Q had the Quail – rye stuffing, red cabbage and jus. The Mr. had the Coq au Vin – half chicken, fingerlings, Crimini, burgundy. The only negative was the sauces were a tad a bit salty for us and slightly “over-priced.”  Our cocktails were awesome. I had an “Old fashion,” my way. Mr. Q had a cocktail on their menu. FYI – they have a “Full Bar” but they have a large selection of wonderful wines from around the world.  We were told they have a “happy hour” only on Tues, Weds., Thurs.  We were happy enough to want to come back and try other dishes and their wines.